Family Portraits

This past week we finally had the time to take family pictures and I couldn’t be more happier with the way they turned out!

We decided to pass on hiring a photographer to take our photos so we could save money and have full control over re-takes, cause Lord knows how difficult it is to get two little boys to look and smile at the camera – at the same time! Rudy and I told the boys we were having “family picture” day, though they didn’t understand exactly what that entailed, they were excited anyway! We packed up our camera and tripod and headed straight to the marina to catch the cool lighting before sunset. As we walked around the marina we stopped along the way to shoot photos in areas where we liked the background scenery. Rudy and I cherished seeing the boys get involved and pitch in their ideas for poses. This photoshoot surely captured real moments.

It was a great family evening spent with just the four of us.

Reflecting on our photos has reminded me of the true value of time.


DSLR Camera Remote <– See here for the camera remote we used to take our family portraits!