Minimalist Version of Whats In My Purse

Minimalist Version of Whats In My Purse

I decided to invest in a good quality small size purse when I realized that having a purse filled with clutter was a reoccurring issue of mine. The idea of minimalism really inspires me and I enjoy applying minimalistic approaches to my lifestyle where I can. As a disclaimer, I am no where near living a 100% minimalistic lifestyle. However, I do consider myself pretty good at purging things that no longer serve a purpose in my life.

In an effort to carrying around only things that I need, I’ve switched to using a mini black purse as my everyday bag. Learning about minimalism has checked me back into the realty of not needing to carry my whole life in my bag! For example, I don’t need to carry every makeup item I’ve used that day in my purse – just to run errands or go to the store. The bag I carry and the things inside change depending if I have work that day, or if we are going on a family day-cation. But I’ve narrowed down my typical every day carry-on to a minimal for my local days off.


There’s something about a simple mini black purse that catches my eye. It’s probably the way that I can wear it with a laid back gym outfit and tennis shoes or something a little more dressed up – the important thing is that it goes with anything and any season.


Small size wallet: I love using a mini wallet because it forces me to immediately throw away unneeded receipts. I like to carry my bank card, Identification, emergency service cards such as: AAA and health service cards, . I typically do not carry cash but if I do, it’s usually a really small amount.

Burt’s Bee’s lip balm: My favorite flavored lip balm of this brand is the Coconut & Pear. I have tried countless lip balm flavors/brands, but this particular one is the only kind that my lips don’t grow dependent on. It is extremely moisturizing and improves the condition of my lips.

NYX Slip Tease Lip Oil: I use the shade ‘I Woke Up Like This’, this color is my ride or die. Whats yours?!

Benefit’s ‘They’re real’ mascara sample: I feel it’s necessary to carry around mascara because I like to touch up often through out the day. I particularly like to carry around a mini version of Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara because the brush is built to really separate your eyelashes which makes it great for re-application.

Perfume roller ball: Currently I’ve been carrying around my Bombshell by Victoria Secret roller ball perfume. My favorite oldie, but goodie!

Portable charger : I like to carry a small/compact portable phone charger because my kids love using up all my phone battery to watch cartoons and play games. (Portable chargers are life savers, we also keep them in our cars! )


Love, Lindsey




Me, Myself, and Coffee

Me, Myself, and Coffee


Deciding to go back to work has surely made my life more fast paste. The early mornings and late nights have me feeling like sleeping is an inconvenience at times, lol. Through trial and error I’ve learned that planning ahead is the best way for me to get things done and not feel like life is running ME. Lately, on my days off I’ve been making an effort to wake up early, make myself a cup of coffee and review my to-do list’s that I collect on my phone note pad. This little time to myself before my youngest son wakes up has become my “me” time! I never understood the importance of “me” time until I became a working mom. Committing to two full time schedules, my career and motherhood, has me up and running most of the time, but finding little windows to dedicate to getting my mind rite and preparing makes all the difference!


  • MAKE LIST – My best friend has drilled into my brain an important life organizing tip. That is, make list when life feels hectic or unorganized. This tactic may seem like a no brainer, but it actually took me a while to become consistent. Making list on my phone notepad is extremely convenient for me because it’s easy access. Theres something about having a visual list of tasks that encourages me to commit to my plans and stay focused. With all that goes on during the week, making lists allows me to not have to remember EVERYTHING and just focus on whats priority at a given moment. Weather you are a ‘pen and paper’ list maker or a ‘phone notepad’ kind of person, list making is self-motivating because you can get extremely personalized and creative with it, the important thing is that you become focused!

List categories that I often find myself creating:

  • To-Do 
  • Pro and Con 
  • Things To Follow Up On 
  • Songs To Download 
  • Recipe’s To Try 
  • Inspirational Quotes 


Love, Lindsey